Privacy Policy

Individuals under the age of 18 should refrain from submitting any personal information through this site.Various pieces of personal data is collected by voluntary submission of data through contact inquiries, email contacts, online forms and any additional form submitted to  This information is used for:
  • Order processing
  • Response to customer service requests
  • Site promotional material and testimonials content
  • Personalize site content
  • When required by law or regulations
  • In accordance with Terms and Conditions found on this site

Personally identifiable data is shared with third party servicers for the sole purpose of customer and member management, completing online orders
and web requests. At no time does sell personal data, for any reason.E-mail addresses are collected only from those who initiate communications with through or by stand alone email applications.While we strive to protect your personal information.

Once we receive your transmission, we use reasonable efforts to ensure that collected personally identifiable information is secure and not readily accessible to unapproved individuals or third parties.


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Privacy Policy